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Membership Criteria
1. High moral character and integrity with ideals and philosophies in keeping with the purposes of the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association.  Members will not ask for nor expect special consideration by members of the South Salt Lake Police Department for his or her own personal benefit.

2. Freedom from any background or associations that might be or become an embarrassment to the Association, South Salt Lake Police Department, or the City of South Salt Lake.

3. Have a sincere desire to participate in improving the community through strengthening the relationship between the police department and the public.

4. Affiliation with the City, County, or State government, a political group, a business, or a particular church is not a requirement.  The interest is whether the member can and will assist the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association with its various responsibilities and functions.

5. Residency in South Salt Lake City is not a requirement. The interest is what the individual can contribute to the Association, not where they live.

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Membership Procedures
1. Fill out the attached Membership Application.

2. Complete a BCI background check (paid for by the individual).

3. Email application to

4. The prospective member will be presented and approved by the board of directors.

5. Once approved by the board of directors, the new member will pay annual dues of $200 to the Association. No leader or member of the South Salt Lake Honorary Colonels Association receives financial compensation. All donations are used for the support of the South Salt Lake Police Department and the growth of the Honorary Colonels Association.

6. The new member will receive a new member packet, t-shirt, and information on how they can become involved.

Membership Application
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