Membership Criteria

  1. High moral character and integrity with ideals and philosophies in keeping with the purposes of the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association.  Members will not ask for nor expect special consideration by members of the South Salt Lake Police Department for his or her own personal benefit.
  2. Freedom from any background or associations that might be or become an embarrassment to the Association, South Salt Lake Police Department, or the City of South Salt Lake.
  3. A knowledge of and sincere interest in the community challenges and goals. Be familiar with the philosophy of the South Salt Lake Police Department and how they will become a part of this equation.
  4. Sufficient community stature and acquaintance with various groups and elements with the city, as well as outside the city, to be able and willing to effectively assist the Association and its goals.
  5. Affiliation with the City, County, or State government, a political group, a business, or a particular church is not a requirement.  The concern is whether the member can and will assist the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association with various responsibilities and functions.
  6. Residency in South Salt Lake City is not a requirement. The interest is what the individual can contribute to the Association, not where they live.
  7. The Association needs persons best described as leaders, movers, and doers that can and will effectively represent the Association, take responsibilities and accomplish tasks.

Membership Procedures

  1. Nomination to fill vacancies in the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association may be made to the Executive Board by any Colonel in good standing. The Chief of Police may also make such nomination.
  2. Nominations are to be submitted in writing and should include:
    1. Full name including middle name or initial.
    2. Address and telephone number for both residence and office.
    3. Name and description of business(es).
    4. Involvement in community activities.
    5. Name of the Colonel nominating this person.
  3. The Membership Committee will conduct whatever inquiry seems appropriate including a background check by the South Salt Lake Police Department.  The issuance of an Honorary Colonels’ badge is not something to be taken lightly and the purpose of the inquiry is to avoid accepting as a Member someone who might, in any way, compromise the dignity and/or purpose of the Colonels’ Association, the South Salt Lake City Police Department or the City of South Salt Lake,  The nominee must be contacted to ascertain if willing to serve, if elected.
  4. The Membership Committee, by a majority vote, will either approve or reject the nomination.
  5. If the nomination is approved, the Membership Committee, or a delegated representative of the Membership Committee, will present the nominee’s name to the Active Members at the next regular South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association meeting and ask for a Membership vote.  Prior to the vote Members are urged to raise any reason of concern that they are aware of that would disqualify the nominee for membership.
  6. If the nomination is approved by the Membership Committee and the Active Members, the Membership Committee Chairperson will issue a letter of acceptance to the Member who submitted the name. The nominating Member will then present the letter of acceptance to the nominee and fully inform them about the Association, its purpose, functions, and membership criteria.
  7. If the nominee is willing to accept the responsibilities of membership in the Association he or she will be invited to the next regular meeting and be introduced to the full membership.  Membership acceptance is complete on the payment of the annual dues to the South Salt Lake Police Honorary Colonels’ Association.

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